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Книга позволяет открыть нам огромное количество новых неизведанных миров. Чтение положительно влияет на человека. Это не просто вид досуга, это удовольствие доступеное каждому. Литература передает невообразимое богатство фантазии автора. Мы можем побывать в древности, в высшем обществе, в далеком будущем. Главное достоинство литературы состоит в том, что она раскрывает фантазию. Читая книгу, мы себе представляем образы, окружающую обстановку. Наша фантазия ничем не ограничена. Мы можем представить себе, читая произведение то, что даже автор не писал. Книги содержат много разнообразной информации. Можно прочитать обо всем: о дальних неизведанных странах, разнообразии живой и неживой природы, прославленных личностях и известнейших произведениях искусства. Специальная литература и обучающее видео поможет Вам вырасти в своей профессии, овладеть необходимыми навыками. Книги помогают каждому, кто к ним обращается и ценит. Медицина, психология, техника, кулинария – любые знания могут стать Вашими, независимо от возраста и рода занятий. Книга – терпеливый учитель, подробно объясняющий непонятные, иногда удивительные знания и умения.

Год выпуска: 2011
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Сайт производителя: http://betelgeize.org
Автор: Timothy L.Warner
Продолжительность: 10 часов
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
If your job includes significant contact with IT professionals, you need this training. Whether you're in IT sales or an IT newcomer looking for an entry-level, vendor-neutral certification, this training gives you the background you need to converse knowledgeably with IT pros or start down your own IT career path.
By the time you've finished watching, you'll know how to speak about IT intelligently with IT pros/decision makers, visually recognize all computer hardware and software and understand information technology -- from operating systems to hardware to licensing and beyond. Содержание Video 1: Course Introduction|16:40
About the CompTIA Strata Program. How This Course Works. Tackling the FC0-TS1 Exam. Description: This nugget serves to introduce the course and to ensure that the student is correctly placed. We describe the CompTIA Strata certification program, provide a high-level overview of the course construction, and offer tips-and-tricks for passing the FC0-TS1 exam.
Video 2: Computer Hardware Basics Part 1|51:50
Parts of a PC. Motherboard Basics. Processors. CPU Caches. Front Side Bus Speed. Relevant Exam Objectives: Identify basic IT vocabulary; Processor speed/cores. Description: In this nugget we learn about the basic building blocks that make up a computer system. Specifically we drill into the “whats, hows, and whys” of processors and motherboards.
Video 3: Computer Hardware Basics Part 2|33:38
Memory (RAM). Hard Drives. Relevant Exam Objectives: RAM; Hard drives. Description: In this nugget we explain the wild ‘n’ wooly world of RAM. We also cover hard drives, including a discussion of hard drive cable types and bus architectures.
Video 4: Networking Components Part 1|25:51
Wireless Technology Basics. Radio Frequency (RF). Bluetooth. IEEE 802.11. Relevant Exam Objectives: Networking; Wireless networking terms. Description: In this nugget we discuss wireless technologies. By the conclusion of this nugget you will understand the difference between 802.11, RF, and Bluetooth. We also cover wireless-related implementation considerations, including attenuation and security.
Video 5: Networking Components Part 2|32:46
Ethernet Technologies. Broadband and Dial-up Connections. Relevant Exam Objectives: Networking; Ethernet technologies; Broadband and dial-up. Description: In this nugget we tackle the at-first intimidating subject of Ethernet networking. Here we cover the major network architectures that are used in local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) environments.
Video 6: Device Usage|42:15
Monitors. Device Form Factors. Relevant Exam Objectives: Monitors; Desktop PC; Workstations; Servers; Portable computers. Description: In this nugget we learn to a greater degree of depth the various form factors that comprise computer hardware. We also cover how to tweak and tune computer monitors for maximum efficiency and performance.
Video 7: Internal and External Storage Solutions|29:15
Optical Drives and Media. Solid State Media. Backup Services. Relevant Exam Objectives: Optical drives and media; Tape drives and media; USB; Multi-cards; Mobile media devices; Backup services. Description: In this nugget we take a look at several forms of IT media storage technology. Specifically, we tease apart the differences among the various optical media standards. We also examine USB, multi-cards and solid-state hard drives. We finish this nugget with a consideration of data backup services and techniques.
Video 8: Peripheral Devices|36:15
Common Peripherals. Printers. Relevant Exam Objectives: Digital camera; Web camera; Speakers; TV tuner; Microphone; Printer; Multifunction device; Scanner; DVR. Description: In this nugget we focus our attention on peripheral devices, such as digital cameras, microphones, and printers. We also cover scanners and digital video recorders (DVRs).
Video 9: Core Input Devices|25:10
Keyboard and Mouse. Digitizers. Touch Screens. Gamepads. Relevant Exam Objectives: Keyboard and mouse; Digitizer; Touch screen; Numeric keypad; Gamepad. Description: In this nugget we cover the methods by which people interact with information technology: computers, smartphones, PDAs, etc.
Video 10: Setting Up a Personal Computer Part 1|21:26
Common Interfaces. Network Connectors. Relevant Exam Objectives: Video standards; USB, PS/2; FireWire; Bluetooth; Serial; Parallel. Description: In this nugget we learn how personal computers are “kitted,” or assembled. By the end of this nugget you will have all knowledge and skills necessary to set up any PC system.
Video 11: Setting Up a Personal Computer Part 2|30:19
Multifunction Interfaces. Power Connectors. Voltage and Power Requirements. PC Boot Process. Relevant Exam Objectives: PCMCIA; ExpressCard; Audio; Monitors; Voltage; Power on/power off. Description: In this nugget we continue our discussion of the skills necessary to set up a personal computer. Here we delve yet deeper into connectors, bus architectures, and voltage considerations.
Video 12: Network Architectures|34:03
Peer-to-Peer vs. Client/Server Networking. Network Connectivity Devices. Wiring Closet Components. Relevant Exam Objectives: Peer-to-Peer; Client/Server; SOHO, Switch; Print Server; Firewall; WAPs; Patch panels. Description: In this nugget, we circle back to revisit the extremely important concepts surrounding network architectures. Here we delve deeper in the “whats, hows, and whys” of connectivity devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points.
Video 13: Resolving Hardware Compatibility Issues|36:16
Assessing Hardware Incompatibility. Motherboard Issues. Interface Issues. Network Issues. Relevant Exam Objectives: Compatibility issues with processor; RAM; USB; FireWire; PS/2; Ethernet, Wireless. Description: In this nugget we learn the rudiments of computer hardware troubleshooting. By the conclusion of this nugget you should be well-armed to tackle basic compatibility issues between computer hardware components.
Video 14: Resolving Software Compatibility Issues|42:08
OS Issues. Application Issues. Understanding System Requirements. Relevant Exam Objectives: OS incompatibilities (Windows, Linux, Mac); Conflicts between OS and applications; Conflicts between OS and network; Software and hardware requirements. Description: In this nugget we turn to the other side of the proverbial computer troubleshooting coin; namely, the basic mechanics of diagnosing and resolving software problems. We will cover common software glitches on all three major computer operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux.
Video 15: Technology Licensing|18:43
Software License Types. Software Registration/Activation. Digital Rights Management. Relevant Exam Objectives: Licensing documentation; Software registration; Digital Rights Management. Description: In this nugget we take up the important subject of technology licensing. We will review the basic license types for computer hardware and software. We will also cover the basics of software registration and digital rights management (DRM).
Video 16: Green IT|26:01
What is Green IT? Responsible Disposal. Power Preservation. Relevant Exam Objectives: Environmentally hazardous substance disposal; Energy Star rating; Duplex printing; Solid state drives. Description: In this nugget we introduce the timely and important subject of green IT. We cover all the basic elements of creating an environmentally sustainable IT environment.
Video 17: Preventative Maintenance Products|17:49
Cleaning Compounds and Procedures. Surge Suppression. ESD. Relevant Exam Objectives: Cleaning compounds; Compressed air; Cleaning monitors; Surge suppressors. Description: In this nugget we learn how to ward off the cost of troubleshooting computer hardware and software: performing good preventative maintenance on said equipment. Here we cover approaches to cleaning computer equipment, power management, and combating the dangers of electrostatic discharge (ESD).
Video 18: Basic Security Risks and Mitigation|32:11
Addressing Malware. Addressing Theft. User Awareness/Education. Network Security. Relevant Exam Objectives: Identify risks; Identify prevention methods. Description: In this nugget we survey the most important aspects of information security. Specifically, we look at malware, hardware/data theft, and remediation strategies.
Video 19: Minimizing Data Loss|20:00
Redundant Components and Services. Backup Solutions Revisited. Relevant Exam Objectives: Redundant components and services; UPS; Backup solutions. Description: In this nugget we learn the ways in which IT administrators back up data to prevent data loss within an organization. By the conclusion of this nugget you will be familiar not only with backup/restore methods, but also the relevant hardware and software that supports this strategy.
Video 20: Sales and Communication Skills Part 1|27:22
Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills. Listening Skills. Professional Behavior. Relevant Exam Objectives: Identify proper communication skills in a sales environment. Description: In this nugget we learn how to identify, develop, and apply the proper interpersonal communication skills necessary in an IT sales environment.
Video 21: Sales and Communication Skills Part 2|22:07
The Sales/Solution Process. Working with the Customer. Relevant Exam Objectives: Identify general steps to complete a solution offering. Description: In this nugget we continue our discussion from the previous nugget on interpersonal professional communication in an IT sales context. Here we focus on the steps required to complete a solution offering to a prospective or current client. Файлы примеров: не предусмотрены
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